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Youth (12-18)

Taekwondo is a great outlet for teenagers to improve their mind and physical self with the goal of reaching their full potential in life, school and future.

STK teaches the fundamentals of Martial Arts by combining the time-tested Eastern Philosophy of Martial Arts with the modern approach of Western teaching philosophy.
Youth programs have access to a mix of high energy competition style classes and lower energy, higher focus Adult classes. Our staff of professional, adult instructors will help teens to develop:

  • Physical fitness;
  • Strategic thinking;
  • Improved motor skills;
  • Balance and posture;
  • Better agility and coordination;
  • Greater energy;
  • Develop body, mind, and spirit to realize success!

Students learn Taekwondo as well as more advanced self defence. Our students start with an active and dynamic Taekwondo program structured from white belt to black belt and beyond. Students are continually challenged with new and exciting experience of traditional martial arts combined with state-of-the art teaching techniques.

Students achieving Green Belt and up have the option to join older classes where we have guest instructors giving exposure to other martial arts such as Karate, Tai Chi, Olympic Taekwondo, and weapons.  The constant seeking of knowledge and growth keeps all students enthusiastic and continuously developing.

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Our Programs


Little Dragons

A fun and exciting program for pre-schoolers ages 3-6.



Classes for school-age children ages 7-12.



Competetive and recreational programs for youth ages 12-18.



An active and dynamic Taekwondo program for adults age 18+.


After School Program

2-5 days available for children age 4-12.