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Meet the STK Team:

Chris Ridabock Jr.

Director of Curriculum/Master Instructor

Mr. Ridabock started Taekwondo at the age of 13 and has trained at the highest levels in the US, Canada, and Korea. His background in Taekwondo was paralleled in education and he worked for the Toronto District School Board.

After a long competitive career , Mr. Ridabock opened Chae Dae Martial Arts Academy in the mid 90’s and has continued to develop a modern approach to teaching Taekwondo built on strategic thinking and a core focus on fundamentals. 


Mr. Ridabock has a day job: he currently serves as President of Telecom firm CRS Networks and, a Cloud Hosting proivder.

“After dedicating myself to Taekwondo for so many years, transitioning into the corporate arena gave me a new perspective on the value and benefit of martial arts. The mental focus and strategic thinking I gained from martial arts translated directly into success when I entered a highly charged business environment “.

Harri Pahirithan


Mr. Harri started Taekwondo at STK and brings a great deal of experience, energy, and a love of Taekwondo.

He is a superb instructor and coach at all levels and is currently completing a degree in Computer Science from University of Toronto.

Jeremy Brewster


Mr. Brewster started Taekwondo after his three daughters got involved and is actively practicing, teaching and competing in Taekwondo in the Executive division. 

Mr. Brewster is also Constable Brewster - a detective with the York Regional Police.

Austin A.

Assistant Instructor

Mr. Austin is a first degree Black Belt and high school student here in Stouffville. 

Mr. Austin has over come challenges repeatedly in the past and did so to become an outstanding children's instructor. His dedication to his Taekwondo and amazing efforts have set an outstanding example for us to follow. 

Amanda Zee.


Miss Amanda is a first degree Black Belt and instructor who brings an awesome energy and positive attitude to all the classes here at STK. 

She is active with coaching our competition team, dynamic, funny, and a great asset to STK. Miss Amanda is completing her Marketing Degree at McMaster University.

Shelley Wilkinson

Program Director/School Administrator

Miss Shelley is the core resource for our parents and staff at STK.  

She oversees school operations, scheduling, and the busy After School program.

It's a family affair, as her son is a STK student and husband is a frequent volunteer. Whether planning Halloween parties, Haunted Houses, trips, tournaments, camps and class schedules, Miss Shelley is fast with communication and solutions to keep the STK trains running on time!

STK Junior Instructors

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