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The Young Choung Competition Program at STK

Master Ridabock’s instructor since his teens is 9th Degree Grandmaster Young Su Choung of the Young Choung Taekwondo Academy.

Based in Toronto, Master Choung is the former Olympic Team Coach and one of the top coaches in Canada for high performance Taekwondo athletes.


Taekwondo is about tradition and personal development. Taekwondo competition builds strong bonds of friendship that last decades and is often referred to as joining an extended family (STK is a "Young Choung Family" school).


TKD competition consists of sparring in a controlled and safe environment and "Poomsae": traditional patterns practiced to creat strong focus and technique.


It's an amazing, dynamic sport aspect to a ancient martial art, is tonnes of fun, plus teaches the confidence, discipline and problem solving skills that build a foundation for success in all aspects of life.

Through its affiliation with Master Choung and the Young Choung Taekwondo Academy, STK keeps a strong relationship and continuity with the traditions and high standards for Taekwondo set by Master Choung. 


While STK’s competition program is focused on junior age fun and development, our association with YCTKD’s High Performance program provides a clear development path with the highest level exposure for STK competitive Taekwondo athletes that wish to progress to Provincial, National, or International levels.


Coaching and participation from recreational beginner to Olympic competitor is available for Taekwondo athletes to move from local competitions straight through to someday joining Canadian national team.

Master Choung’s bio and information on YCTKD can be found here.

For information about the Young Choung Competition Program at STK , please call, email, or, drop by the school for a visit!


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